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Azienda Agricola Alessandro Ricci

EVO RIANO 100% Italian, Blend Moraiolo-Frantoio 0,5 Lt

EVO RIANO 100% Italian, Blend Moraiolo-Frantoio 0,5 Lt

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We present RIANO , the 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil par excellence. This cold-pressed , elegant and complex oil best represents the characteristics of the Frantoio and Moraiolo cultivars: notes of almond, cut grass, artichoke, delicate and persistent spiciness and bitterness. An extraordinary harmony, perfect for true connoisseurs.

RIANO is also known for its high polyphenol content. Polyphenols are powerful natural antioxidants that play an important role in protecting cells from free radical damage. Consuming extra virgin olive oils rich in polyphenols can help promote good cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of inflammation.


All our oils come from olives harvested from our 7500 trees in Montecchio, in the province of Terni, and are pressed in our proprietary mill within 12/24 hours of harvesting. Choose RIANO to enjoy the authentic flavor of Italian extra virgin olive oil and benefit from its high polyphenol content for better health.

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