History, Taste and Love for Umbria

Ricci Extra Virgin Olive Oil is much more than a simple product: it represents a story of tradition, dedication and respect for the Umbrian land. Each bottle of Ricci oil is the result of careful care and a production process that follows ancient methods handed down from generation to generation.

Our passion for the land and for quality is reflected in every stage of the production process. From the cultivation of the more than 7,500 olive trees that extend over the hills of Montecchio, to the careful harvesting of the olives, to the extraction of the oil in our mill, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The story behind Ricci Extra Virgin Olive Oil begins with great-grandfather Domenico, then continues with grandfather Riano, and today Giovanni and Alessandro, father and son, carry on the tradition as olive growers and millers. For over four generations, we have been cultivating olive trees with care and respect, keeping alive the ancient techniques that have been handed down to us.

Our philosophy is based on sustainability and love for the earth. During the cultivation of the olive trees, we favor the use of methods that respect the natural balance of the environment.

When it's time for the olive harvest, each fruit is carefully selected. The olives are harvested ensuring careful selection and quality control. This allows us to obtain excellent quality olives, which will be the basis for our high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Once harvested, the olives are transported to our mill, where the oil extraction process begins. We use cold pressing techniques, which preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the oil, keeping its unique aromas and flavors intact. Ricci oil is obtained exclusively from Italian olives, guaranteeing the origin and quality of the final product.

Each bottle of Ricci Extra Virgin Olive Oil carries with it the legacy of centuries of tradition and commitment to quality. Ricci oil is distinguished by its fruity flavour, intense color and characteristic aroma. It is a versatile oil, suitable for enriching any dish, from simple bruschetta to more elaborate dishes.

Choosing Ricci Extra Virgin Olive Oil means supporting local production, based on principles of sustainability and respect for the environment. Every drop of Ricci oil contains the soul of Umbria, with its unique landscape and its culinary tradition. Ricci oil is a sensory journey that takes you to the heart of Umbria, giving you an authentic gastronomic experience.

By purchasing our Ricci Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you are making a conscious choice for your palate and for the environment. You support local and sustainable production, promoting respect for the land and the artisan tradition. We invite you to discover the unmistakable taste of Umbria in our extra virgin olive oil and let yourself be conquered by its superior quality. Join us in celebrating the love of the land and the art of extra virgin olive oil.