Sustainability and Commitment to the Umbrian Land

We are proud to present our Ricci Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a product that goes beyond simple culinary excellence. As a company committed to environmental sustainability, we are determined to minimize our impact on the environment and preserve the beauty of our land.

To ensure the highest quality oil, we use eco-sustainable cultivation methods and reduce the use of chemicals. We are also dedicated to conserving water resources by making the best use of available natural resources.

Furthermore, we are proud to actively participate together with NAKPACK® in the Treedom agroforestry project in Kenya, a nation that has suffered heavily from deforestation and climate change. Through this project NAKPACK® supports local farmers during the tree planting phase, promoting food sovereignty and offering sustainable income opportunities to rural communities.

At the time of purchase, we offer you the opportunity to contribute to the change. You can choose to plant a tree with the One Tree Planted project, an initiative that has already planted over 40 million trees worldwide. Your choice will help fight deforestation and restore ecosystems.

As far as packaging is concerned, we have adopted the NAKPACK® system: an innovative packaging system made of high-strength cardboard, certified and approved by the main couriers. This system guarantees maximum protection of the bottles during transport, reducing waste and the use of plastic materials to a minimum.

NAKPACK® is PLASTIC FREE certified. As a company we are committed to promoting the separate collection of packaging, in order to encourage recycling and further reduce our environmental impact.

By choosing Ricci Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will not only enjoy a product of the highest quality, but you will also contribute to promoting sustainability and environmental conservation. Join us on this journey towards a better future for the Earth.